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'Don't Run Rhino'


Antosa Isherwood

Children's Author/Illustrator©™

Printed onto Eco friendly Recycled paper

Safari Series Book Store

Safari Series Book Store

The Tale of Ole Saidimu and the Toothless Lion 3rd in Safari Wildlife Series by Antosa Isherwood©


Based on a True Story  when the Isherwood Twins JS & JD went on a Walking Safari with Maasai in Kenya

After studying the culture and history of the Maasai Antosa created an original story The Tale of Ole Saidimu and the Toothless Lion

Following a young Maasai boy's life

When  A young Maasai boy cattle herder's life was saved while herding his families cattle

How would  he repay the lion that once saved his life

while still being initiated into Adult Hood as a Masai Warrior ?

And take back to the tribe proof of his prowess into an Adult Maasai Warrior?

Enjoy! x

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