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'Don't Run Rhino'


Antosa Isherwood

Children's Author/Illustrator©™

Printed onto Eco friendly Recycled paper

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Safari Series Book Store

Don't Run Rhino Written & Illustrated in Africa an original Story by Antosa Isherwood©


Wildlife Survival

At the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro stands a lonely little Rhino.

Follow the orphaned baby Rono Rhino from Dawn to Dusk, Sun rise to Sun set on the plains of Africa in his plight & fight for survival.

With the turn of Each page children will be transported into the amazing and beautiful  wildlife world of Mother Nature full of charming wildlife characters as they all one by one reveal to  baby  Rono Rhino that they too have their own wildlife struggles.

In the end who will come to baby Rono Rhino's Rescue?

Don't Run Rhino is a simple educational entertaining but poignant story of wildlife survival each page is beautifully illustrated in detail for the young and the young at heart.


L Antosa x



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